Our History

At Naturcharc, we decided to start with the production of organic vegetables in 2001. This change was carried out because we have been considering the production and consumption of organic vegetables as a satisfaction of beneficial needs for health and environment, providing a service to society with which the company identifies itself.

At the same time, as producers, we realized that the cultivation could be carried out without using products that harm the environment, since at that time we began to observe natural enemies which were fighting pest insects.

We continue working

Ten years later - in 2011 - due to disagreements with the commercializing company of that time and reinforced by the trust in our potential as well as our passion for organic agriculture, we began marketing our production with our own resources, creating a new brand which reflects all of the mentioned attributes.

Nowadays, we continue working on our cultivation process and customer service in order to constantly improve the quality of our brand, meeting the growing needs of the most demanding consumers.